Mountain3DLib (developed in year 2015)

Rendering library written in Java

Very compact core and efficient performance. No GPU required. Cross platform.

Example rendering of "Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Drei Zinnen) - South Tyrol - Dolomites UNESCO"

rendering library

MyTinyDolomites 3D (@MyTinyDolomites) uses the Mountain3DLib library to model 3d Mountain models.


Dynamic Skiing Location System ( DSLS ) J2ME CLDC 1.0/2.0, (developed in years 2006 - 2007)

Project DSLS (Dynamic Skiing Location System) developed in 2006/2007 by A.Costa

Here in screenshot running on an old Nokia 6600 mobile phone ( J2ME enabled ) for tracking skiing tracks with external GPS device over bluetooth

and sharing location with friends. Working prototype developed already in year 2003 under name MSLS (Mobile Skiing Location System)

and than here represented in 06.06.2006. Is a project based on MSLS (Mobile Skiing Location System) project developed by A.Costa (see next)

This J2ME compliant software has a very tiny memory footprint of only 80 KB. A floating point emulation layer is also available if needed.

DSLS doc: Dynamic Skiing Location System DSLS.pdf

DSLS running on a Nokia 6600 mobile phone CDLC 2.0


DSLS Navigator 3D (developed in years 2003 - 2006)

Project DSLS Navigator 3D is part of the DSLS Midlet suite J2ME and is a GPS recording and visualization tool for J2ME devices developed by A.Costa.

The application has been Developed in early 2004/2005 by A.C and uses asynchronous Dpdl scripts

for tracking skiing location tracks with external GPS devices over bluetooth and sharing location with friends.

This is the core implementation of what than will be the DSLS project in 2006.

The project uses Dpdl (Dynamic Packet Definition Language)

This small J2ME compliant software is ideal for very small platforms and has a memory footprint of only 80 KB.

A floating point emulation layer is also available if not present natively on the platform.

DSLS Navigator 3D running on Nokia 6600 mobile (CLDC 2.0), with external bluetooht GPS antenna.

DSLS Midlet suite with DSLS Navigator 3D running on a Nokia 6600 mobile phone, CLDC 1.0, in year 2009


BlueInfo lite (developed in year 2008)

Desktop and tiny J2ME mobile application to enable distributed Push Marketing Message Campains in first place via bluetooth communication protocol, but can be a general message manager. Desktop and J2ME application developed by A.Costa in year 2009

BlueInfo lite (developed in year 2008)


Rusty Liquid Effect 2D/3D (developed in year 2002 - 2003)

RusyLiquid is a Water Rendering Effect and Sound Effect software library developed by A.Costa with a highly optimized native C core implementation with java bindings.

Watch Water Simulation with Water Sound Demo Video!!!

RustyLiquid 2002


RustyLiquid 2002


RustyLiquid 2002

RustyLiquid 2002

RustyLiquid 2002

RustyLiquid 2002

Dpdl (Dynamic Packet Definition Language)

Dpdl is a kind of scripting language developed originally by A.Costa in 2002 in order to provide

a fast and efficient data transport layer particularly optimized for small Embedded Systems like mobile phones

and even 8-bit Microcontroller Chips.

In this thesis project the original author has implemented database technology in Dpdl in order to improve further the performance. Dpdl can be used in may applications to store, describe and visualize data.

"Advanced Database techniques in Dpdl (Dynamic Packet Definition Language). A portable data protocol for small Embedded Systems" in year 14/10/2004 LINK

Dpdl console application


Mobile Skiing Location System ( MSLS ) J2ME CLDC 1.0 (developed in year 2003)

P.Patent Application submitted at

Project MSLS (Mobile Skiing Location System) ideated and developed in early 2003 by A.Costa.

Mobile device application (MIDP 1.0 or later) for tracking skiing trails, sharing location and messaging with friends.

The location tracking is based on detection of bluetooth device gateways positioned at each lift or via external bluetooth GPS receiver.

Original Web Site (2003): MSLS Website

Mobile Skiing Location System (MSLS) in year 2003

MSLS 2003

MSLS "P Patent Application" filed by A.C in year 2003 at USPTO

Mobile Skiing Location System MSLS Original Website from year 2003: MSLS Website

P. Patent Application

Application Document

MSLS Patent Application 2003

Mega-Chess Open Source java game, developed in year 2001. But NOT yet 100 % complete!! So please contribute and fix if you like.

Project Mega-Chess java game (Open Source), has been developed by A.C, D.S, S.P, M.M at Unibz lecture course. The application has than been ported to PalmOS devices by A.Costa

Mega-Chess Website

Mega-Chess source code on

Mega-Chess in year 2001

Mega-Chess 2001